Division Wildlife Conservation Contacts: FEWERR.ORG Phone -918-493-4943 email fewerr@tulsacoxmail.com email radar@fewerr.org Oklahoma Licensed Wildlife Rehabber - mammals- specialty Bats established 2006. Service include capture & Rescue, medical, Husbandry, Exclusions pup rescue. Educational seminars, Movies. Bat House Manufacturing, Sales, Store Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Conservaion Established 2006 for the rescue of wildlife, educate the public, research & engineering of ways to protect our wildlife  FEWERR-the Foundation for Environmental & Wildlife - Education, research & rehab  Established 2010 for the production of Educational Movies. Some can be found on YouTube. http://www.yourtube.com/radarfoxbat Wild Bat Studios Educational Seminars are available from Environmental Safety programs, to Wildlife Rescue and rehab. Safety around rehab, Profiles ecology on bats Education This department will be established as grants, donations and contracts become available. Research & Engineering